Life and Business Coaching

Considering coaching?

The first thing you may like to know is that you are welcome to e-mail Isabelle to arrange a complementary consultation about how coaching could transform your personal and professional life.

Being in a coaching process with Isabelle generates an empowering relationship in which profound, transformative experiences and conversations occur. This leads to renewed creativity, motivation, learning, change, integration and realization of what you most want to be, do and have in your life.

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Seminars and Workshops

Comments from participants in the What’s Next retirement to re-engagement seminars across Canada:

Rich with examples, ideas & suggestions.”

– “Excellent leader; facilitated good discussion”

– “Thoughtful approach on how to progress toward retirement”

– “Very interesting presentation, dynamic speaker”

– “Thoroughly enjoyable and valuable”

From breakout session to ½ or whole-day seminars Isabelle provides solution-focused processes, information and inspiration to support major work/life transitions, particularly, retirement:

What’s Next: 10 Success Factors to Best Manage Retirement (see 2-page PDF for details)

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Keynote Presentations

I was inspired by Isabelle’s keynote Living Forward, Giving Back; she spoke from the heart as she articulated some profound truths. She displayed a real gift for connecting with her audience and held the attention of a diverse group with grace, wit and humor.~Christine Awram, Founder of Woman Of Worth (WOW) Events

From her extensive experience and ongoing research Isabelle passionately delivers keynotes that address relevant questions at the intersections of personal and professional lives.

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