Spring Time Renewal – Edge out of your comfort zone!

» Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in blog

In French, “printemps” meaning spring comes from the Latin roots “first” and “time”. Doing something for the first time helps us to experience a sense of renewal and spring forward beyond the edge of our comfort zone.
As is discussed at some point in my What’s Next re-engagement seminar, when we push against the outer edge of our comfort zone, it expands. Simply put, when we expose ourselves to new experiences, place, people or learning opportunities, we grow new capabilities while at the same time sustaining our vitality and ability to engage with the world around us.
In spring time, we are often reminded to clean up our environment, de-clutter, and the like. That is a good way to lighten up, simplify our lives and experience that freshness we associate with spring. But what about decluttering our minds of old beliefs that no longer serve us, or worse that actually disempower us or sabotage our efforts in significant or subtle ways?
Here is an example from my own personal life. In the spring of last year, I decided to push beyond my perceived limitation and finish an art piece I had started years ago. I discarded the belief that the image I was working from to create this art piece was too complex and difficult. I decided to adopt the new belief: whatever I put my mind to with sustained effort, I can accomplish. I worked on this piece in my free time during the summer and by the end, was pleased to have completed this large painting now adorning my wall and the wall of a family member in Montreal.
Whether you want to approach a life transition with a new mindset, or expand your sense of engagement, vitality or capabilities, take a look inside your mind and see if there are old beliefs that you need to discard to make room for new, invigorating beliefs. Those new beliefs and the corresponding actions you can take will contribute to your sense of renewal as you spring forward in your life’s new landscapes and into a season about to burst in fresh new buds all around us.