What’s Your Next Level to Reach for in 2017?

» Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in blog

Having recently returned from leading seminars in 4 cities in 3 eastern provinces, I feel invigorated. During the seminars I was leading for boomers on the way to re-engagement, rather than retirement, I met and heard about remarkable people: an altruistic 40 something who works out 3 times a day and devotes himself to benevolent projects in his spare time, a 102 years old healthy and active woman living independently, an astute business owner who transformed his company away from “command and control” leadership style to growing a collaborative coaching culture that fosters even greater success.  In the process of inspiring others, I also got inspired.  And as the New Year brings wind in the sails or our aspirations, I invite you to cast some goals forward into 2017.

What do you aspire to realize in the year about to start? As you may have experienced in the past, when we step in the outer edge of our comfort zone, we end up expanding it and that augments our readiness and eagerness to take on new challenges. When was the last time you nudged yourself on that edge, stepping beyond your comfort zone in your personal or professional life?  Whether you want to break through your current status quo in your career or in your level of fitness, your efforts are worthwhile and they tend to be cumulative.  Without regularly stretching to grow, to improve, to utilize more of our potential, talents or character strengths, we risk falling into complacency and even apathy.

Especially In the context of our currently challenging North American political context, we are all called to re-asses our goals, the purposes of our lives and our big or small contribution to our world.  By focusing on and standing for what matters most, what holds most important meaning for us, we can refrain from allowing the outer circumstances from derailing our own betterment and contribution to others.  In spite of what is going on globally, we must not succumb to pessimism but keep striving forward, with optimism as our companion, on to our next personal, professional and collective levels of fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness in 2017.   And remember that is you want to secure strong support and help to reach that next level or significant goal, consider coaching sessions.  You can schedule a complementary consultation with me by email: isabelle@inspiredmomentum.com.