Beyond Past, Take flight into Future

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As we greet this brand-new year, it’s wise to carve out time to reflect on what 2017 brought you, and what you have given of yourself into it? What progress have you made towards specific goals and dreams? And do your aspirations now need to be reviewed or re-imagined? What does your best future look and feel like?
Reflecting on these questions, take time to acknowledge, preferably in writing, all that was positive about 2017; try a list of at least 10 things or events. Concerning what might have been difficult, stressful or adverse, identify the “silver lining” or elements of learning you have hopefully integrated into your mind and life. By naming these you become better able to leave any adversity of that year behind and met 2018 with positive anticipation and a readiness to soar.
In the first 3 weeks of January, I recommend you don’t bother with “resolutions” but instead, summon, as vividly as possible, a visual and visceral sense of where you want to be at the end of this year. Casting yourself forward, as if taking on the main role in an epic movie, what do you want to create and draw into your life? The more specific you name what you yearn for, in writing, the better; a new living environment, a new job or career, new enterprise, more health and wellness or perhaps the next level of success on any or all those parts of your life.
Create a new habit of taking ½ hour for yourself to reflect on your trajectory at least once a month during the year so you can apply course correction; taking on new actions or recommitting as necessary, to realize your heart’s desires. If you find it difficult to invest such time in yourself, because there are “just 24 hours in a day”, remember that there are 48 half hours in each day!!!
Looking at the day from that perspective makes it easier to set those 30 minutes aside for what matters most, to devote to your wellness regimen, for a special project or goal, or to cultivate a new habit, practice, or a new level of closeness with a loved one. Above all, be drawn by a compelling, richly imagined future, venture out beyond status quo and your comfort zone. Open the wings of your full capabilities and ambitions, claim your freedom from the past; doing so will generate more vitality, energy and happiness as you reach new heights of wellness and success.

Photo used with permission from Geoff Delderfield

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