Here is a sampling of Isabelle’s articles published in various professional magazines:

Leading by Moral Compass in the Digital Age

In People Talk  Summer 2017

Exploring Option B (and Bouncing Forward)

In People Talk  Fall 2017



Great Reads to Lead The Way in Learning

In People Talk  Fall 2016

Empathy Underrated? Soft-Skills O er Solid Value

In People Talk  Summer 2016


The Inner Net vs. the Internet: A Meditation on Great Leadership

In People Talk  Spring 2016

Empathy 101: Why are Soft-Skills so Hard?

In People Talk  Winter 2016



Fostering Flow, Feedback and Forward-Thinking Communications

In People Talk Winter 2015 Leadership--PeopleTalk-Winter-2015

About to Retire? Re-Engage Instead

In CPA Mag – 2016

From Succession Planning to Re-Engaging Legacy Leadership

In PeopleTalk  Summer 2012

Less Management, More Leadership: Restoring Optimal Balance

In PeopleTalk – BCHRMA

Flexible Thinking Drives Workplace Futures

In People Talk Winter 2014


Boomers Bring the Experience of a Lifetime

In People Talk  Spring 2014


The Power of Empathy: Leadership and Listening

In People Talk  Summer 2014


Women’s Leadership Imperative: Speak Up, Stand Out and Succeed

In People Talk  Fall 2014


Too Stressed to Innovate? Take a Breath

In Workplace Wellness Spring 2013

Too Stressed to Innovate?

Create Happiness, Don’t Just Consume It From the Institute of Chartered Accountants-Ontario

Beyond the Bar: Crucial Considerations on the Road to Retirement

In Bar Talk – Ontario