Keynote Presentations

I was inspired by Isabelle’s keynote Living Forward, Giving Back; she spoke from the heart as she articulated some profound truths. She displayed a real gift for connecting with her audience and held the attention of a diverse group with grace, wit and humor.~Christine Awram, Founder of Woman Of Worth (WOW) Events

From her extensive experience and ongoing research Isabelle passionately delivers keynotes that address relevant questions at the intersections of personal and professional lives.

Having initiated and co-authored the award-winning anthology Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace, Isabelle presents keynotes to multi-generation audiences that include gems of this leading-edge book. Her own book Living Forward, Giving Back is replete with research, real-life stories and inspiration that enrich the captivating content of that presentation. With her creative and adaptable mind, she is particularly skilled at customizing topics to suit precisely the needs of her clients and their community.

Current topics for 2018 :

– Einstein’s Business:  Transforming the Workplace through Curiosity, Relational Energy and Authentic Leadership

Living Forward, Giving Back: Meaning, Purpose and Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond

Don’t Retire, Re-Engage!: 10 Success Factors of a Joyful and Dynamic Re-Engagement  

Beyond Your Comfort Zone: How to Get Bold, Shift and Re-Energize your Work and Life.

Please contact Isabelle to request more info regarding benefits and contents or about her fees.

List of clients include:

  • National Bank Financial
  • You First Financial
  • Société de Développement Économique, C.B.
  • Réseau-Femmes de la C.B.
  • Commission Scolaire Francophone de la C.B.
  • Knightsbridge
  • Chartered Professional Accountants
  • WorksafeBC

Testimonials include:

Dr. Gloria McArter Clinical Counsellor
Throughout her keynote on Inspired Leadership, Isabelle demonstrated her content knowledge on the topic, her effective communication skills, and her warm and vibrant presence. As she spoke, Isabelle was leading a conversation that invites both inner reflection and positive action while emphasizing the importance of spirit in human connections.
Carolyn Sinclair Vancouver
Isabelle, thank you so much for your talk on inspired leadership. Your content was inspiring and you spoke from your heart. You challenged us to look at ourselves and our leadership while giving us great food for thought! I was very moved by the questions you posed to us because I realized (again) my leadership lacks vision because, at times, I don’t really let myself dream. Your ‘call to action’ inspires me to take more time to dream, to visualize, and, in turn, to lead my team to do the same. Thank you Isabelle!
Barry Fenton Phoenix Group
Isabelle thank you very much for speaking at our Phoenix Group meeting; your presentation was excellent and was very well received by our membership.