Life and Business Coaching

Considering coaching?

The first thing you may like to know is that you are welcome to e-mail Isabelle to arrange a complementary consultation about how coaching could transform your personal and professional life.

Being in a coaching process with Isabelle generates an empowering relationship in which profound, transformative experiences and conversations occur. This leads to renewed creativity, motivation, learning, change, integration and realization of what you most want to be, do and have in your life.

What is unique about Isabelle’s coaching approach is the particular blend of experience, expertise, warm and attentive signature presence as well as powerful experiential exercises that trigger growth-producing breakthroughs.  From there, you will have the inspiration, energy and insights needed to move forward in the direction you have been yearning for.

Could you imagine an Olympic athlete getting to the podium without the consistent help and support of a great coach?

Here are examples of transitions or circumstances around which Isabelle’s professional coaching services could make a great difference:

  • Career transition, finding work according to your authentic vocation, including the practical work of creating, together, an outstanding resume and cover letters.
  • Business coaching for entrepreneurs wanting to turn their vision, experience and passions into a thriving business.
  • Leadership skills taken to new heights of confidence resulting in greater accomplishments and ability to influence and inspire.
  • Achieving a major project such as writing a book.
  • Entering Retirement;  turning “retirement” anxiety into positive anticipation while creating  a dynamic and fulfilling action plan for re-engagement instead.

Coaching programs are designed to suit each client’s specific needs.  The optimal length of time to be involved in a coaching process depends on what you want to accomplish, your motivation your readiness to learn and integrate change.  Please feel free to contact Isabelle for a conversation about how coaching can help you make leaps into a truly exciting personal and professional life, a life that is reflective of your true worth and the True North within you. 

Geoff Urton
Your questions and comments gave voice to what my own internal conversations have been whispering to me for some time.  The realizations I gained from that breakthrough session lifted a huge weight off my mind.  Something clearly shifted because I noticed that the very next day was mostly filled with ease and flow and the vibes around me were stellar. Thank you Isabelle.
M.B. Vancouver, B.C.
In just a few months, I’m amazed to see the difference since the start of my coaching with Isabelle; she helped me to gain self-confidence, to find meaning and purpose, to curtail my perfectionism habits, and to be much more aware of my potential.  The exercises and tools that I have integrated and the powerful questions she asked were all effective to reconnect me back with my dreams and aspirations.  As result, I have been newly motivated to take action and really “go for it.”  My personal and professional lives have changed; I have made major decisions and have been promoted to a better job that engages my abilities while providing good challenges.  Thanks to Isabelle I now feel much more confident and accomplished.  Coaching is definitely the best investment I have made in my life. 
Isabelle’s warmth and caring shone through in our coaching conversations. She helped me connect to what really matters and regularly emailed thoughtful reflections or stimulating exercises designed to help me probe deeper into the issues we’d discussed. I would recommend her services to anyone who desires to create a more meaningful and balanced life.
A.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Being a coach myself, I was thrilled to have such a transformational experience when being coached by Isabelle. I was skillfully guided towards significant insights and achieved a shift into a place of possibility,openness and lightness around an experience that was previously weighing me down and impacting my confidence. Isabelle’s powerful, yet gentle, presence and guidance allowed me to embrace clearly the essence of who I am and what I have to offer others.


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