Meet Isabelle – The Person

isabelle-st-jeanAn inspired momentum also characterizes my life as I strive to maintain a state of mind of flow and ease. Because my personal and professional life have become integrated over the years, I enjoy activities that contribute to my ongoing learning, to my professional development or to community-making endeavors. For example, I enjoy reading books that inspire me, attending conferences where I meet like-minded people, or using my leadership skills to volunteer in my local coaching community.

Although I inhabit an urban area, I often feel drawn to nature to renew my spirits. North Vancouver hosts my favorite forested areas and from spring to fall I go there to hike almost weekly. I also love to cycle for miles around the waterfront in Vancouver. When I experience surges of creativity, I am drawn to paint with vibrant pastels, to make gemstones jewelry, or to write an inspired poem.

Given my commitment to maintain a lifestyle of wellness, I like to practice yoga, go to the gym and or dance on a regular basis. I strive to meditate daily which helps me to stay attuned to my inner source of guidance. My wellness is also supported by a social life that is rich with meaningful, engaging and mutually supportive conversations. I am also a caring consultant in the lives of my young adult children who are now 22 and 25.